The Rice Barn

Rice Barns were once a familiar sight in rural Thailand, used to store the years rice harvest.

The Rice Barn is a private garden residence, lovingly rebuilt and converted into a single self contained guest houses. Incorporating traditional Thai Rice Barn with modern conveniences with their own special characters. Normally a Rice Barn has no stair case and being up high from the ground the rice was safe from theft, insects and from water damage. We have saved 2 old rice barns and carefully added it to our home.


Combining the traditional style and teak wood and adding modern conveniences, guests can enjoy a back to nature feel, whilst still having 20th century amenities.

Rice Barns can range from 4 legs to a traditional 8, with different styles depending on the area or province built. Rice Barns are common in Asia and conversions are more popular as people move away from the traditional rural life style.

Many have fallen into decay, especially those of poorer farmers as the wood was not as strong or as thick, while some fell to termites as teak wasn't used. Our legs and main beams are thick teak over 100 years old. Using skilled craftsmen with years of experience, concrete supports were placed in the ground, the main outer legs are secured and bolted to steel brackets, which is much stronger than putting the wood directly into the ground.


    Started in December we began to build a new ricebarn, a family sized room so guestswith with smaller children can be together. We started posting pictures of our progress from the first poles to the completed room..

    Someone famous in Source Title

    Foundations in and the first 5 meter poles have been set.

    Roof trusses and floor joists done

    Roof tiles being put up.

    Main Floor laid.

    Wiring the rooms and fitting cables for electric water heater.

    Built in wardrobes and bunk beds so the room can sleep a family of 4.

    An upstairs bathroom, small but convenient.

    Downstairs kitchen wall going in and living/dinning area floor.

    Doors and windows in

    Stair case and bannisters fitted

    Plastered the ceiling and started painting the walls.

    Fitting a seperate water tank and toilet waste tank underground.

    Tiled the kitchen wall, floor and bathroom.

    Sanding the walls, features and stairs and staining and laquering them.

    Fitting airconditioning and ceiling fans.

    Now that we no longer manufacture furniture we have to find a bed that will compliment the Rice Barn style.

    Fitting a washing machine.

    Laying new grass and building a counter table and bar stools

    New bed linen purchased and we are nearlry finished.

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